Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tips on Planning the Perfect Mehndi

Before The Mehndi it’s A Good Idea to Read on Some Tips on Planning You’re Mehndi Day.

You need to consider these tips before you actually start organising your Mehndi. Without a Mehndi day, an Asian wedding is incomplete and lack luster. Start planning 6 months in advance, budget first things first and create a budget. Allocate budget to every step separately.

You need to know how many guests you’re catering for before you begin, so get this done first. Remember this is an Asian wedding, so leave space for the extra few guests. You can hire experienced Asian wedding catering services to convert your Mehndi event into a memorable event.

Select a Venue

You need to make sure that you have a venue that can cater for all the masti and mischief that goes on at a Mehndi. Be it a tent in your back garden, or a luxurious hotel. Make sure you do this ASAP!

Mehndi Theme

Choose the theme of your Mehndi, so that you know what kind of food, décor, outfits and entertainment you’d want.

Choose Outfits

Choose Outfits

Now that you’ve sorted out your theme, you can move on to choosing your dress and choosing the outfit theme for your bridesmaids and close guests.

Perfect Décor

You need to create the perfect ambiance for your Mehndi. So you need to start thinking about your seating backdrop, the table setting, the floor arrangements, Mehndi plates, scatter cushions etc. Remember to make sure these go according to your theme.

Tasty Food

Tasty Food

The food is what makes your Mehndi unforgettable, so make sure you know what kind of food you’d like to serve. Indian Street food is a popular choice, mostly because it’s easy to prepare and easy to eat.


Be Creative

This is the part where you use your creativity and think of add-ons that you’d like at your Mehndi. Things like photo booths, gol gappa stands, ice cream van. That sort of thing.
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