Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Celebratory Gunfire Cause Deaths at Indian Marriages

A Raise in Number of Injuries Deaths Caused by Festive Gunfire in Indian Marriages is Becoming Alarming

In India these days, the overwhelming number of injuries and deaths triggered by extensive use of congratulatory gunfire at matrimonial events has shaken the authorities at every level and prompted for an immediate action

Even the events organised at the Indian wedding venues are also reported to have faced these unfortunate losses. Despite of the fact that it is prohibited at many places, people still endanger their own and others’ lives.

Why do People Fire at the Weddings?

It is customary in many parts of India to welcome couples into their new married life. The people who carry out this ritual are normally the male members of groom’s or bride’s family and guests. Their intentions may not be of harming anyone but unfortunately,

the figure of these accidents is rising. They somehow lose control over their firearm and innocent people lose their lives.

What Happened Recently?

Only in the month of March, there have been so many incidents reported where the congratulatory gunfire at this happy occasion turned it into a dark day for many. For instance, at a wedding procession when a guest accidently shot groom’s father in the head.

Then there was another accident that occurred in Jandla, one of eight gunmen shot groom’s father right into the head after losing control over his firearm.

In the northern state of Uttar Pardesh, there is a small place by the name Raipur Bhood. The photographer was shot in stomach by one of groom’s relatives. He was immediately rushed to the hospital but unfortunately he couldn’t survive and died.

Then there was an incident which took place in Alipur, the suburbs of Delhi, where an armed guest took his pistol and shotgun out and started firing at the ground and in air all together. He was so drunk that before he could realise, he shot five other guests at the wedding in their legs and feet. All the victims were rushed to the hospital and admitted.

Has Anyone Taken any Action Against it?

This rising number has rung the bells at all ends and Lucknow court was the first one to take an action. It ordered an immediate stop to the celebratory gunfire and an open investigation to determine the ways to put a ban on it.

The Delhi court was second to step forward where Judge Manoj Jain said that the fashion of celebratory gun firing during wedding processions has to be stopped. It is really important that government should make arms licence procurement procedure more clear and strict and there should be some sort of instrument to ensure the lawful use of these arms licences.

It’s not just the courts or the police that needs to put a stop to such a deadly custom, realising this, some families have taken initiative and strictly forbidden guests to carry weapons at the wedding ceremony. They are sending invites out with “No Weapons” clearly written on the cards.

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