Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Wedding Invitation that Envisage your Impression

Request for joining the celebration unfolds the colors of event.

A wedding ceremony is incomplete without guests. And for inviting the guests an invitation card is a representative of how much importance you are giving to the event. People expect that if the card is meeting their expectation, so will be the reception. So the first impression starts to form right from the presentation, design and wording of the card.

The RSVP is also an important element especially in Asian weddings where everyone wants to have their names written in the card and people get angry if this does not happen and this result in their not attending the wedding. Selecting Asian wedding banqueting hall for wedding function is more important like the wedding invitation cards.
Wedding Invitation
But now days there are many ideas present to overcome this problem and every one can have their name on it which is not in real sense. A very wicked sentence is
‘Looking forward all the elders of the family’
This is very popular. There is not a single person left uncalled in this sentence.

Hand Made Cards:

A handmade card does not mean that every single thing is handmade. The printed material is there, the designed shapes are there, and just the ornamentation is done by the card maker with not machines but with hands.

Such cards look amazing and are a brilliant idea. Some cards can be made extravagant while other are kept somewhat simple depending on the budget of the purchaser.
Hand Made Cards

A simple touch of ribbons or tiny crystals which can be silver golden or multicolor can make your card look marvelous and a wow expression is a must for them. Heart shapes are very popular to be pasted on the card. Paper stripes give a very decent look to the invitation.

A pattern of bride and groom’s dresses can also be pasted on the card to give a personalized look. Also a well-designed cake can also be put on the card and give it a festive touch. Visit This Official Website for best wedding planning, wedding venue and decoration.

For handmade cards the theme of a wedding is kept in mind and then the ideas and colors are finalized. The effect these cards make is astounding and even the most cynical person cannot go without appreciating the effort.

The conceiving of idea for the cards is a tough job and to make it different, further toughens the work. The cards can be two fold, a single fold or of a single page for every day. For the last category the envelope is decorated more than the inner pages.

Printed Cards:

Although handmade cards are a new trend this cannot overwhelm the importance of printed cards. Printed cards are for the top most reason, hassle free. If the wedding is planned all of a sudden and there is no time for ordering a handmade card then printed cards are the best option.

Also they are more budget friendly and can be of any type an invitation card can be. A scroll type looks very elegant and gives that royal touch you want. There can be many different patterns that looks very attractive can be printed in any color at all.
Printed Cards
Also the handling of the card is easy and not to worry about dissembling it due to miss handling.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Floral embellished hairstyles for wedding

Floral embellishments for a Disney princess bride

Floral embellishments for a Disney princess bride

Every girl has dreamt about her wedding day imagining herself slaying like a princess with utter perfection from head to toe. We all love floral head crowns for brides as they give a nice delicate look with all their intricate details. The stylish embellishment can be worn on short and long hair and look magnificent alike. It is a pretty alternative to traditional and boring bridal hair look. However, Wedding Venue East London offers best services with a different approach, it's totally flexible to your unique ideas.

One of the reason behind the popularity of head crowns is their versatile nature. You can have a custom made head crown unique to your wedding dress as well. How good is that! Although fresh flowers look gorgeous, the options of colors and texture become endless if you use artificial flowers. You can get one designed which is just for you.

This or that? How to pick?

There are two important factors that may help you decide and choose a floral head crown befitting your needs. The first and foremost is your own style. Yes, go with what your heart says, what you think will look best on you and what you feel easy to carry. There is no point of wearing an unnatural look on the most important day of your life. Rather go with simple and natural trends.
Another important factor is the weather and time of year you are tying the knot. It is not recommended to wear fresh flowers to accessorize your hairdo on a sunny afternoon wedding reception. Fresh flowers despite all the effort and care will wilt away within few hours. This will abstain you from having desired look throughout the event. Might as well ruin your photographs which is the last thing you would want to happen. So focus on what suits you keeping in mind the weather conditions. Choosing soft dried twigs and leafs would also do as they will survive hot summer day.

Hairstyles that look best with flowers

Not just head crowns but a bunch of roses with beads and loosely bound head bands make a perfect wedding accessory. Every bride would want to have her hands on it. Although flowers can glamorize any hairstyle, some hairstyles look mesmerizing like loose curls or a messy bun. Adorn your braids with little white beads coupled with flowers to achieve a romantic bridal look. These effortless hairstyles will make you feel confident about your attire. Floral accents will transform your wedding day hairstyle into something absolutely fresh yet magical. Incorporate a delicate crown of small silk flowers for a more sophisticated look. Winter brides can embellish golden twigs with clear beads which will give a breathtaking glimmer. Do not hesitate to try on different look before making a final choice. Big and bright stems also give a fresh look to your face.
It is up to you to choose your style. There is a wide range of artificial flower accessories now available. If you do not have enough time to order or you do not want to spend too much yet look like a princess then go with this option.
The pictures means people will be seeing it for years and you will always remember what you wore so make it wonderfully memorable. Grand Sapphire, A Banqueting Halls in London, offers bespoke weddings, no matter what type of them you have in mind we will arrange it for.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Celebratory Gunfire Cause Deaths at Indian Marriages

A Raise in Number of Injuries Deaths Caused by Festive Gunfire in Indian Marriages is Becoming Alarming

In India these days, the overwhelming number of injuries and deaths triggered by extensive use of congratulatory gunfire at matrimonial events has shaken the authorities at every level and prompted for an immediate action

Even the events organised at the Indian wedding venues are also reported to have faced these unfortunate losses. Despite of the fact that it is prohibited at many places, people still endanger their own and others’ lives.

Why do People Fire at the Weddings?

It is customary in many parts of India to welcome couples into their new married life. The people who carry out this ritual are normally the male members of groom’s or bride’s family and guests. Their intentions may not be of harming anyone but unfortunately,

the figure of these accidents is rising. They somehow lose control over their firearm and innocent people lose their lives.

What Happened Recently?

Only in the month of March, there have been so many incidents reported where the congratulatory gunfire at this happy occasion turned it into a dark day for many. For instance, at a wedding procession when a guest accidently shot groom’s father in the head.

Then there was another accident that occurred in Jandla, one of eight gunmen shot groom’s father right into the head after losing control over his firearm.

In the northern state of Uttar Pardesh, there is a small place by the name Raipur Bhood. The photographer was shot in stomach by one of groom’s relatives. He was immediately rushed to the hospital but unfortunately he couldn’t survive and died.

Then there was an incident which took place in Alipur, the suburbs of Delhi, where an armed guest took his pistol and shotgun out and started firing at the ground and in air all together. He was so drunk that before he could realise, he shot five other guests at the wedding in their legs and feet. All the victims were rushed to the hospital and admitted.

Has Anyone Taken any Action Against it?

This rising number has rung the bells at all ends and Lucknow court was the first one to take an action. It ordered an immediate stop to the celebratory gunfire and an open investigation to determine the ways to put a ban on it.

The Delhi court was second to step forward where Judge Manoj Jain said that the fashion of celebratory gun firing during wedding processions has to be stopped. It is really important that government should make arms licence procurement procedure more clear and strict and there should be some sort of instrument to ensure the lawful use of these arms licences.

It’s not just the courts or the police that needs to put a stop to such a deadly custom, realising this, some families have taken initiative and strictly forbidden guests to carry weapons at the wedding ceremony. They are sending invites out with “No Weapons” clearly written on the cards.

If you are looking for the Best Indian Wedding Venues in United Kingdom, then Grand Sapphire offers luxurious banqueting suites in London, South London, East London, Croydon etc.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Tips on Selecting the Best Meeting Venue

The Most Important Part Of The Organization Process Is Always The Venue.

If you get that wrong you are risking the whole day going wrong. If you get it right then other mistakes and things that go wrong actually don’t matter so much. Here are 10 points that you should keep in mind when booking a venue and if you stick to these then you’re safe and need not worry.
First of all, where is your venue? Is it easily accessible? Is the route to your location long and is there a risk of heavy traffic? You have to ensure that the location you choose will be easily accessed by those invited. If most of your guests are getting lost on the way or stuck in traffic then you will have half arriving late and the other half arriving stressed and irritable. We can agree that would not be a good start to your event. You can get premium meeting rooms Croydon for effective meeting.

How Much Does it Cost?

The first thing you should do when you decide to have an event is set a budget, think it through and ask around before you decide on how much you are willing to spend on the cause. Once you have decided, no matter how tempted you are do not change your budget or send more just because you are blown away by the fancy lights or expensive technology of a venue. Decide on what you want from the venue then how much you are willing to spend, as long as both of these are in line you don’t need to increase your budget based on something that might look a bit better. If there are no interruptions and all you need is provided then changing your budget will end in regret.

Check the Facilities Before Booking:

It must be emphasized that the checking should be done before booking. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and take your time deciding because the last thing you want is to sign the papers and then realize that it’s not a suitable venue.
That would be a disaster, most venues just want to make money and will most probably not be understanding or sympathize.
A business meeting has a few basic necessities so tick them off:
·         Is there a dedicated meeting room?
·         Is all the technology you need available?
·         Is there unlimited Wi-Fi?
·         Is the technology up to date and well maintained?
·         Does the room have easy access to switches, cables and other necessary gadgets for an effective business meeting?
These are just basic questions that you should ask before booking but be sure to think and jot down any more requirements that you may have before booking. Ask the manager of the meeting venue and make sure you have it written that all these things will be provided. It’s easy for the venue staff to retract their words if you have no proof. The best way to protect yourself and your event is to ask questions by email so you have written proof. You can always confirm face to face later on.

Take Note of the Venue Staffs Manner:

This means are you happy with the way they are dealing with your enquiries? Are they getting back to you on time and satisfying your curiosities and qualms? You will get an idea early on of how positive the response is and that should either pull you in or keep you away. Don’t ignore the signs of lazy and irresponsible customer service.

Make Notes before the Site Visit:

It’s easy to forget what you wanted to ask and what you needed it check once you get there, especially if you are distracted by things pleasing to you. Make a note of everything you need to check before you go and once there make a note of what you found. It’s a good idea to take someone with you for a second opinion, you can’t do it all alone and something you may miss your partner may notice.

Is There Car Parking?

This is a must for a conference as most people will turn up in cars and won’t want to waste their time looking for parking or end up with fines. That will not leave a good impression on your guests. If the parking nearby is pay parking then try to arrange some sort of ease for your guests as no one will like to fork out a wad of money for full day parking in a high profile area.
As well as this some parking tickets expire after an hour and that means your guest will have to leave to check their cars which is a disturbance and inconvenience.

Arrange Food:

If you will not be providing food then make sure there is somewhere nearby where your guests can grab some lunch on the breaks. Conferences can be tiring and nobody will want to take their car out and have to drive out far to get some food. 
If you provide food and drink then this will create ease and a relaxed mood for all those invited. Spending the money is worth not having irritated or hungry guests who are just waiting to leave. Don’t forget to offer food for any special needs that your guests may have whether it’s a vegetarian or kosher/halal option.

 Get the Venue Size Right:

Having a huge room for a few people will just look odd no matter how fancy it is. Likewise a small room for too many people will be uncomfortable and irritating especially if it is a full day conference. Arrange the venue right as comfort is directly linked to the success.

Make Your Accommodation Suitable:

If your conference is lasting more than a day then you need to make sure your guests have a comfortable place to stay and there are facilities for the disabled and special needs. For business working guests the accommodation should have wifi as most people will need to connect with their jobs and companies.
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