Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Do it together, do it forever

There are many gifts in life to be thankful for and thanksgiving is often a day when we be thankful for our health, our provisions and our relationships. This thanksgiving a beautiful idea is to give a special thanks for your marriage. Every day we should count our blessings to have a spouse that we love and cherish and find companionship with. However just like mother’s day and father’s day renew our love and restir our memories, let thanksgiving be the refreshment you need to renew your thankfulness and recreate that fresh love and thankfulness that will only make your marriage more beautiful.
Starting from thanksgiving there are four things that will take your marriage to a whole new level:
Write together

Invest in a book that will be placed somewhere in the home accessible to both you and your spouse throughout the day. An idea is somewhere in the kitchen as this is a central place of the home, and typically every man’s favourite place. Call this book the ‘I love you for…’. Each day let you and your partner write down a new I love you point and let it be focused on something small that the other has done for you that day. These small things creating a profession of love will not only make you both feel appreciated, it will also cause a system of gratification and be a small way that brightens your day and cheers you up when you’re feeling blue.
Talk together

This again can begin on the day of thanksgiving and then continue this making it a routine whenever the both of you have spare time, or even make time for this. The fresh air, walking whilst holding hands and the small act of taking this time out for each other will work as a refreshment and will strengthen your relationship. Breathe in and enjoy your marriage being thankful for each step you take, on the walk and in your life.
Pray together

Praying for your spouse is important and is beautiful in every way. Even more beautiful and strengthening to your marriage is to pray together, it doesn’t have to be a long, boring amen before dinner prayer. Just a simple prayer from your heart while sitting with your spouse will inspire the same and will create a connection between you that reaches a deeper level making it between you, your spouse and god.
Look together

By this I don’t mean act like crazy people looking at the same books and movies until you bore each other to death, literalizing till death do us part. No, look together in the same direction. Respect each other’s goals and wishes and look together to the achievements and struggles, looking together meanings getting through it together, enjoying it together and staying together. Look together towards those in need, help together those who need a hand and that will in turn strengthen your marriage and keep your bond together and strong forever.

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