Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tips on Planning the Perfect Mehndi

Before The Mehndi it’s A Good Idea to Read on Some Tips on Planning You’re Mehndi Day.

You need to consider these tips before you actually start organising your Mehndi. Without a Mehndi day, an Asian wedding is incomplete and lack luster. Start planning 6 months in advance, budget first things first and create a budget. Allocate budget to every step separately.

You need to know how many guests you’re catering for before you begin, so get this done first. Remember this is an Asian wedding, so leave space for the extra few guests. You can hire experienced Asian wedding catering services to convert your Mehndi event into a memorable event.

Select a Venue

You need to make sure that you have a venue that can cater for all the masti and mischief that goes on at a Mehndi. Be it a tent in your back garden, or a luxurious hotel. Make sure you do this ASAP!

Mehndi Theme

Choose the theme of your Mehndi, so that you know what kind of food, décor, outfits and entertainment you’d want.

Choose Outfits

Choose Outfits

Now that you’ve sorted out your theme, you can move on to choosing your dress and choosing the outfit theme for your bridesmaids and close guests.

Perfect Décor

You need to create the perfect ambiance for your Mehndi. So you need to start thinking about your seating backdrop, the table setting, the floor arrangements, Mehndi plates, scatter cushions etc. Remember to make sure these go according to your theme.

Tasty Food

Tasty Food

The food is what makes your Mehndi unforgettable, so make sure you know what kind of food you’d like to serve. Indian Street food is a popular choice, mostly because it’s easy to prepare and easy to eat.


Be Creative

This is the part where you use your creativity and think of add-ons that you’d like at your Mehndi. Things like photo booths, gol gappa stands, ice cream van. That sort of thing.
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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Do it together, do it forever

There are many gifts in life to be thankful for and thanksgiving is often a day when we be thankful for our health, our provisions and our relationships. This thanksgiving a beautiful idea is to give a special thanks for your marriage. Every day we should count our blessings to have a spouse that we love and cherish and find companionship with. However just like mother’s day and father’s day renew our love and restir our memories, let thanksgiving be the refreshment you need to renew your thankfulness and recreate that fresh love and thankfulness that will only make your marriage more beautiful.
Starting from thanksgiving there are four things that will take your marriage to a whole new level:
Write together

Invest in a book that will be placed somewhere in the home accessible to both you and your spouse throughout the day. An idea is somewhere in the kitchen as this is a central place of the home, and typically every man’s favourite place. Call this book the ‘I love you for…’. Each day let you and your partner write down a new I love you point and let it be focused on something small that the other has done for you that day. These small things creating a profession of love will not only make you both feel appreciated, it will also cause a system of gratification and be a small way that brightens your day and cheers you up when you’re feeling blue.
Talk together

This again can begin on the day of thanksgiving and then continue this making it a routine whenever the both of you have spare time, or even make time for this. The fresh air, walking whilst holding hands and the small act of taking this time out for each other will work as a refreshment and will strengthen your relationship. Breathe in and enjoy your marriage being thankful for each step you take, on the walk and in your life.
Pray together

Praying for your spouse is important and is beautiful in every way. Even more beautiful and strengthening to your marriage is to pray together, it doesn’t have to be a long, boring amen before dinner prayer. Just a simple prayer from your heart while sitting with your spouse will inspire the same and will create a connection between you that reaches a deeper level making it between you, your spouse and god.
Look together

By this I don’t mean act like crazy people looking at the same books and movies until you bore each other to death, literalizing till death do us part. No, look together in the same direction. Respect each other’s goals and wishes and look together to the achievements and struggles, looking together meanings getting through it together, enjoying it together and staying together. Look together towards those in need, help together those who need a hand and that will in turn strengthen your marriage and keep your bond together and strong forever.

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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

5 summer outdoor wedding decorations

The summer wedding season is here so let’s party hard

 1      Ice cream van

Ice cream van

Seriously we found no better way to cool ourselves down on a hot wedding day other than a yummy ice cream van. It’s a brilliant alternative to wedding deserts and will also help cool your guests down in the heat. This will definitely keep all your guests happy especially the kids.

      2     Head–in–a–hole photo

Head in a hole photo

Everyone loves taking pictures these days and especially the weddings are even more important event to take pics. The idea of a head-in-a-hole photo stand to create some entertainment for your outdoor wedding is an awesome one. It will also create laughs among your guests for sure. Why not order a stand to match your wedding theme or get creative and make your own.

      3       Signs

No outdoor wedding is complete without wedding signs! By using these signs you make it easy for your wedding guests to find their way around to show the direction of the toilets, parking and most importantly the food tent. A wooden signpost really sets the theme.

     4      Vintage bike

If you’re having a vintage wedding based outside, then a vintage bike will take a things up a notch and set the theme for your wedding day. Decorating the bike with your favourite flowers or ribbons will not only look fab and it’ll definitely get the guests talking!

     5      Photo tree

The idea of a photo tree to capture your wedding day memories as they happen. Adding fun props, a Polaroid camera and the chance to write a message will be fun for everyone to take part in, and is a lovely reminder of your day. If your venue has no trees, why not buy a mini tree that you can plant in your garden after your wedding day for keepsakes?

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Top 6 Tips about How to Make your Corporate Event Venue a Real Success

Tips on the right kind of corporate event venue 

There are many factors that contribute towards making a corporate event a success but one of the most important decision you will make is the venue. The setting of your event is a crucial point and is more or less the make or break. Below are a few points to keep in mind for any potential event.

1. Who are the venue staff? 

Are they experienced? Are they team workers and efficient? When booking your venue it’s absolutely essential that you ask and do your research regarding the staff that will be helping you on the day of your event. Getting this right alone will increase the possibility of success on the day and getting it wrong will increase your workload and ruin your event.

 2. Know your expected number. 

Once you know your expected turn up you can ensure that the rooms will not be too packed which will cause discomfort and in turn make everyone less focused. You also don’t want the room to be too large with only a few people looking just an unprofessional.

3. Where is your venue? 

Is the venue easily accessible? How do you and others plan to get there? Will the team arrive together or will everyone make their own way?

 4. Ensure there is internet connection 

Not every venue has this service so be sure to do your research. Unless it’s a no work event then you may be needing Wi-Fi to present something or as most of those who turn up will be workers they may not be able to stay too long without internet connectivity to keep an eye on their own projects. This service just makes it easier for everyone to have a good time and relax.

5. Have a variety of food

Vegan and gluten free options should be available especially if the event is considerably large as you will have a variety of people arriving from many different companies and businesses. It is a good look and will leave a lasting impression when everyone’s needs are catered too and consideration has been shown.

6. Match your venue to your guests. 

In order to make everyone feel comfortable and to make the event a success you need to make sure you take into consideration who is coming when booking the venue. If you have invited the managers and bosses then your venue should be as impressive as to what they are used to.

Inviting them to a venue which is really nothing more than a few small rooms in office style won’t work well for your image. You need to amaze them or at the very least ensure your event doesn’t slip from their memory as soon as they leave the door.
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